Established in 2009 in Dubai Media City, UAE, our indoor tanning salon offers professional tanning services. We offer a variety of tanning options, including: tanning beds, spray tanning and tanning lotions to help you get the perfect tan.

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Indoor Tanning Solutions

Indoor tanning means controlled tanning, and is undoubtedly the only way to provide an optimum exposure of UV light to your skin. Megasun Lounge‘s mission is to help you look tanned and healthy in an easier and responsible way. We believe that everything should be dosed in moderation, so our objective is to provide a perfectly balanced indoor tanning solution to give you a fresh, healthy looking skin and a long-lasting tanning effects using the latest German products.

“Helping you look tanned and healthy”

Take the life quality to an upper level

When you set off to the beach for a bit of relaxing tanning afternoon, you are simply not able to control amount of sun exposure. Don’t you dare to have a little nap soothed by the waves breaking off at the shore. We have seen this many times before: red on one side, completely white on the other. In MEGASUN LOUNGE , we believe everything should be controlled, especially tanning process.

Come and unwind in the luxurious MEGASUN LOUNGE . One of our Customer Advisors will have a short chat with you to understand your goal, and assess the stage of tanning process you might be in already. We will then suggest the best way of achieving your target skin colour and shade. Yes, you can even choose the shade of your tan, thanks to the latest indoor German tanning equipment: MegaSun by KBL and Ergoline, imported from Europe.

MEGASUN LOUNGE is all about bringing indoor tanning to a new level of luxury. The equipment which you will find in the MEGASUN LOUNGE is also technologically advanced providing you with several options of entertainment and even power plates so that you could relax your tired muscles at the same time. Each indoor tanning bed is equipped with state-of-the-art cooling systems and can even send a pleasantly flavoured breeze to calm and relax your senses.

Tanning Coupled With Vitamin D

At Megasun Lounge, we lay a lot of emphasis on health and well-being. We believe that Vitamin D is probably one of the most essential of them all for any human being.

Our tanning beds and booths are the fastest and probably the safest tanning beds for your source of vitamin D. Each tanning session will pump the optimal vitamin D levels in the most natural way through your skin while you are lying on one of our tanning beds.

Tanning Booths

Megasun Lounge proposes customers two kinds of stand-up booths for that perfect tan you are seeking. They are the:

  • UV light tanning has different wavelengths of light. The booth lets you move around more easily compared to a tanning bed.
  • Spray tan – This paraben-free tanning solution is for those who do not want to use UV tanning equipment and desire instant results. Our automated booth guides you through the entire session and our customer advisor team is fully trained to assist you on shade choices and to provide guidance about the session and after-care.
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The megaSun lounge Skin analyser

For every skin type the perfect dose of sunshine and Vitamin-D

In line with our aim to provide a safe tanning experience to our customers, it is our duty as customer service advisor to make sure that our clients are properly advised which machine to take and how many minutes shall be taken.

Our skin analyzer and the unique special software that we developed together with a German company has determined the only skin measurement system on the market that is correct and always up-to-date.

The skin analyzer not only measures the color of the skin pigments with the help of UV light it also measures the calluses (UV protection of the skin) and from these two pieces of information, the skin analyzer determines the optimal tanning time for each customer, based on each different sunbed or tower.

Our Tanning Advisors

The tanning consultants at Megasun Lounge will assist you through all the steps of the tanning process, starting from your base-tan all the way to your deepest golden bronze.

So as to help you achieve the desired tone, we advise you on quality skin care and tanning products to fit your skin type. You can choose the shade of your tan with our range of tanning equipment made in Germany. Visit one of our branches to get all infos about our Indoor Tanning Solutions.

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