Established in 2009 in Dubai Media City, UAE, our indoor tanning salon offers professional tanning services. We offer a variety of tanning options, including: tanning beds, spray tanning and tanning lotions to help you get the perfect tan.

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Your Tanning Specialist in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

Established in 2009 in Dubai Media City, UAE.

Since 2009, megaSun lounge has opened the first branch in Dubai media city with the goal helping people looking fabulous all year with our luxurious , state-of-art-tanning beds and red light anti- Aging service. The facilities are always clean, our customer service advisor are well trained and will welcome you in a comfortable modern venue.

We take time to understand both your tannin goals and skin type to create a responsible and customized tanning schedule. Come and visit for a free consultation for more beautyful and your perfect Glow.

Megasun Lounge opened the doors to the first ever exclusive indoor tanning salon in the Middle East at the end of 2009 in Dubai Media City. You might think at first that there are better places for such business in the world with much less sun or access to the beach. Think again. Dubai is the best place to promote healthy and controlled tanning. In Megasun Lounge, we believe that everything should be dosed in moderation, so our mission is to provide a perfect balance to give you a fresh, healthy looking skin and long lasting tanning effects using the latest, exceptional quality German products. Indoor tanning means controlled tanning, and is probably the only way to provide an optimum exposure for your skin. Our mission is to help you look tanned and healthy in an easier and responsible way.

Once you come to megaSun lounge, you will meet a knowledgeable Customer Adviser who has been trained extensively to give you the best information and guide through your balanced tanning sessions plan. Tanning Specialist will assess your skin, will talk about your goals and then help you achieve them in the shortest possible way with a great focus on your skin safety.

Perhaps this is a reason that seven years on from the opening of our first megaSun lounge we created our tanning oasis in Dubai Media City, Mirdif, DIFC, Jumeirah, Downtown, Dubai Marina and Business Bay as well as in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. We even went beyond UAE’S borders to introduce our brand in Qatar. In October 2015 megaSun by KBL have formed an alliance with Ergoline, one of the leading manufacturers of the most advanced tanning beds in the world to spread our love for safe tanning even faster.


Controlled Tanning

At Megasun Lounge, we bring indoor tanning to a new level of luxury. Contrary to natural sun tanning, our controlled tanning process guarantees safer results. We specialise in a range of tanning processes. Once you step into our salon, one of our Customer Advisors will have a short chat with you to understand your goal, and assess the stage of tanning process you might already be in. You can choose the shade of your tan thanks to our latest indoor German tanning equipment.

For your comfort and satisfaction, we use advanced technical equipment that provides you with several options of entertainment and even power plates so that you can relax your tired muscles while standing in your tanning booth. Additionally, each indoor tanning bed is equipped with state-of-the-art cooling systems and can even send a pleasantly-scented breeze to calm and relax your senses.

Vitamin D

At megaSun lounge we take special care about health and wellbeing. We believe that Vitamin D is probably one of the most essential of them all for any human being, perhaps thisa is why it is often referred to as β€œHappiness” or β€œSunshine” Vitamin.
What you probably did not know is that our megaSun lounge tanning beds are very fast and probably the safest source of vitamin D. Each tanning session will pump the optimal vitamin D levels in the most natural way – through your skin, and this is all while you are having your tanning session at the same time.
A proper balance of vitamin D works supportive for the immune system, it also increases mental capabilities and improves general vitality. That is why megaSun lounge only selects those tanning beds, which are also a source of Vitamin D.
megaSun lounge Customer Advisors have a thorough knowledge of how Vitamin D helps your body and also how it stimulates muscle recovery, so it is often recommended for very active people, bodybuilders, and even people who train at the gym and exercise regularly.

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megaSun lounge History

2008 – The idea
2009 – Opening of first Megasun in Dubai Media City
2011 – Opening of our Mirdiff branch
2013 – First franchise contract in DIFC and opening of Jumeirah Branch
2014 – Opening of Downtown Branch and First Branch in Abi Dhabi
2014 – Merger with Ergoline Tanning Center
2015 – Opened Business Bay and Dubai Marina
2015 – 2nd branch in Abu Dhabi located at Deerfields Mall (9th branch in UAE)
2020 – Opening of Sharjah Branch- first and only indoor tanning salon in Sharjah
2020 – Opened third branch in Abu Dhabi Mall
2021 – Opening of our Onyx Tower branch
2023 – Opening of our Motorcity branch
2024 – JVC coming soon

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